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29th May 2019

Governance, basically, involves and revolves around law; law making, law enforcement and law interpretation. Apparently, it is only when a law has been made that it can be enforced and interpreted. Consequently, governance starts with law making.

It is the constitutional duty of the National Assembly and the Houses of Assembly to make laws for the Federation and the States respectively. The members of these Assemblies are elected from their constituencies to represent them. However, the laws they come together to make are widely and generally applicable to the citizenry except in few instances where laws are made to protect and preserve specific interests.

The presumption is that the parliament represents, or rather, should represent the entire interests of the people but, it is a rebuttable one, at least, judging from the antecedents. It is important to state at this point that it is not an easy task for an individual to singly aggregate the interests of a people effectively. There should be other efforts by the individual and/or the people to enhance effective representation. Otherwise, when the individuals come together to make laws, the result may be an “unbalanced law” or in the worst case, an unjust law. Then shall we hear the voice of Thomas Aquinas reminding us that an unjust law is no law at all!

One of the ways the people can participate in the business of law making is by way of legislative monitoring. Legislative monitoring is basically the review and follow-up of bills from introduction stage to the point it becomes a law. In this era of digital technology and social media, it is very easy to make your opinion known to our law makers in order to direct them in the right course of law making. You don’t need to be a lawyer for this!

Zidacx Law Media is here for this service. We will bring to you the updates you need about several bills before the National Assembly especially the ones that so much impact on the society and also engage you in different discussions and debates as each circumstance demands. We hope to extend our activities to the bills before the States Houses of Assembly. We are committed to enhancing the creation of a responsible and responsive government. Learn more about us at www.zidacx.com. Also follow us on our different social media handles.

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